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Certified Practitioners

Our certified practitioners are here to empower you and your health!

Our practitioners come from a range of backgrounds from naturopaths, medical doctors, and nurses, to holistic practitioners and even a Ph.D. English professor! However, the one thing they all have in common is their thirst for knowledge and understanding of the root cause. 

Green Plant

Meet Our Practitioners

Michael and dogs.jpg  Co-creator of the Body Balance Healing System, naturopath doctor for all ages and dogs.

Michael Weber, ND, CNHP
Naturopathic Doctor

VND - Virtual ND

Phone: 812.374.2230

Columbus, IN

Naturopathic Doctor | Medical Intuitive | Emotional Release Coach | Energy Medicine Practitioner | Natural Animal Care

One of my specializations is a 30-point liver exam. I accept patients and animals of all ages.

Business self image.jpg  Rene Deal is the owner of Energetic Living whom is an Energy Medicine Practitioner

Rene Deal
Energy Medicine Practitioner

Energetic Living

Phone:  317-258-2754

New Palestine, IN

A Christ-centered practitioner who specializes in Body Balance Healing System; Integrated Bioenergetic Restoration Therapy; Emotion & Body Code; Ask & Release Therapy who also addresses Emotional and Spiritual roots 







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