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Body Balance Healing System


What is the Body Balance Healing System?


Education & Knowledge

The Body Balance Healing system provides education through the "You Can Heal Naturally" Book, In-Person and Online Workshops.

 We provide a unique in-depth program to uncover the root cause of symptoms and disease.


Roadmap System

The Body Balance Healing System is a step-by-step system that provides a roadmap of the body and organ systems and question guidelines to help you uncover the exact location and the root cause of your symptoms and/or disease.



Results Driven

Through the Body Balance Healing System, we help you align products that will be utilized to neutralize and nourish the symptoms being experienced by yourself or your client.  No guessing about creating healing within the body. 


Who can benefit from the
Body Balance Healing System?

Our classes actually benefit everyone. We have a wide variety of people and occupations that have gained in-depth knowledge from Drs. Jerry & Michael Weber, ND.

Our community of healers ranging from parents to doctors have taken these classes throughout the years. The types of occupations are medical doctors, chiropractors, natural health practitioners, massage therapists, nurses, parents, and more.

It is our greatest desire that anyone be able to utilize our system which has been created with you in mind. Knowledge is power and Health is Wealth!  May you prosper! 

Experience (4) Systems of the  BBH System for 30 days - FREE!

Empowering You to take Control of your Health!

Deeper Understanding of Health

The BBH system utilizes muscle response testing to identify, uncover & facilitate correcting imbalances associated with symptoms or disease. It is designed to help you achieve optimal health in a natural and holistic way. 

Deeper Understanding of Harmony

We believe that true health is a complete harmony between the mind, body, and spirit, and we are here to guide you every step of the way.

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Get Started Now!

Every month we offer a one-hour group training with one of our doctors for class attendees and/or APP purchase!
A $265 Value!


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