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We offer one of the only muscle testing certification programs available today that truly seeks to find the root cause of symptoms.


In this certification, you will not only know how to muscle test but will learn a complete, proven system of health care called the Body Balance Healing System.

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This is the first of the required courses for certification. It is highly recommended for an overview of muscle testing and the Body Balance Healing System.


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Anatomy and Physiology 201

This course explains the first five of the body systems and explains each component of that system and how to locate and correct that imbalance. This class teaches how to muscle test the circulatory, digestive, intestinal, glandular and immune/lymph.

Anatomy and Physiology 202

This course teaches the second half of the natural health assessment. This includes the nervous, reproductive, respiratory, structure and urinary systems.

The Four Physical Reasons for Illness 301

In this class, students will learn about the four reasons for illness - toxins, parasites, tissue damage, and nutritional deficiencies. Participants will learn about the different toxins and parasites and each person will learn how to find these imbalances via muscle testing and correct them naturally.

The Invisible Reasons for Illness 302

This part of the certification program teaches the non-physical reasons for illness - emotions, belief systems, chakras, and meridians. The Emotional Release Therapy will be taught in this class. Also, the mental side of illness will be discussed. Students will learn how to muscle test each chakra and meridian and know how to correct them.

Advanced Muscle Testing 401

This class is dedicated to sharing many advanced techniques of muscle testing. Optimal average cell age will be discussed with many other advanced concepts used in the Body Balance Healing System. As a bonus in this class, the AO scanner will be introduced. This scanner uses frequencies to find and rebalance energies in the body.

Ethics, Business and Marketing 402

This is the last class for certification and covers all aspects of starting a natural health business. Topics discussed include licensing, marketing and promotions. This class helps any new person getting started with wanting to help people with their health. This is also a question and answer period to discuss any prior topics taught in the Body Balance Healing System classes.

Other Certification Requirements:

Once all classes are finished, the student is required to perform three exams on their friends/family. The three exams are turned in and “graded” for accuracy.

A written test is also given to the student which should be returned with the exams.

Once classes are attended and exams are completed, the student will receive their Certification of Natural Health Practitioner through the Body Balance Healing System.

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