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The Body Balance Healing System

Educational Programs

At the Body Balance Healing System, we offer two types of educational courses designed just for you.  They are created to address your learning style, time management, and current lifestyle requirements.

There are seven different courses within the Body Balance Healing System.  Each course breaks down our unique system into how and why muscle response testing works, an exploration and explanation of each system and its duties, and a deep dive into each system.  This will guide us to identify areas that may be hiding toxins, parasites, nutritional deficiencies, and tissue damage that may be directly affecting your health!

We also offer a one-hour MONTHLY training for anyone subscribed to our APP or registered within one of our classes.

Learn Our System

 Health is Wealth!  Learn how to muscle response test, determine the root cause, and align nutritional support to correct the imbalance causing the root cause. 


A whole system designed for you by two naturopathic doctors with a combined experience of 30+ years.  

We offer seven different courses that will guide you through the different systems of the body, an in-depth dive into each system, and how to observe the mind, body & and spirit as intuitively entwined as one. 

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Come Join Us!

Six times per year we teach at Health & Wellness of Carmel in Carmel, Indiana. We offer three classes each in the Spring and in the Fall. Our classes are limited to roughly thirty students.  


This allows us to answer questions individually but also address interesting topics as they come up during class time.  We have had some fun rabbit holes we've dove into!


Make the trip!


Come meet us and your fellow Body Balance Healing colleagues as we teach you how to discover the root cause of your symptoms.   



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